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Tattoo: Things To Consider Before Getting A Tattoo:

Tattoo, permanent mark or design made on the body by piercing the skin with the needle introducing pigment through ruptures in the skin. As a matter of fact, Indian tribes have traditionally had their bodies tattooed for a variety of reasons. For an example identification, as a symbol of dignity or as a means of sharing their tribe’s legends and beliefs. The tattoo has gained popularity dramatically over the recent decade. Also, For the youth it is the part of being cool. And for some, it is the same as making a fashion statement.

Getting A Tattoo:


If it’s your first tattoo then it is important to learn the process from choosing a tattoo artist till dressing. With this in mind, before you get a tattoo, you should know that tattoos are forever and it can’t be removed. First of all, prepare yourself for getting inked to make sure your new tattoo is something you don’t end you up regretting.

Another key point before getting inked is contacting a dermatologist if you have sensitive skin. Given that some people have skin prone to allergies. Many types of chemicals and inks are used for piercing a tattoo on skin. In case you have sensitive skin consult a dermatologist. If he approves then “FOLLOW THE STEPS GIVEN BELOW”:

1. Choosing Reputed Tattoo Studio And Artist:

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As mentioned above, once tattoos are done it is impossible to remove the tattoo. So the first step is to choose good and reputed tattoo studio and artist. Finding a good artist nowdays is not a task. You can find artists on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Check their profile and photos they have uploaded thoroughly. After you have found an artist schedule an appointment with him for consultancy and share your tattoo idea with him/her. Moreover, don’t forget to check reviews on their social media account.

2. Choosing A Tattoo Design:

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Search for a design which has a significance and related to you like your hobbies, your interests, your favorite drink or something that reveals your personality. Never get a tattoo of your partner name because you don’t know when they will break up with you. Do not worry if you are not able to decide the design of your tattoo. Artists save their artwork for future references. You can choose the design of the tattoo from there. Equally important do not rush for a tattoo, take advise from your friend or any close one. It is best to take the second opinion from others.

3. Finalize The Amount:

After you decide the design of the tattoo, ask for its charges. Bargain if you feel he/she is charging high from you. Do not bargain if the price is at par. If any studio asks to fill a form for your consent and identification proof then fill it after reading what’s written on the form. Finalize the payment methods and the payment.

4. Placement Of Tattoo:

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Once you select the design of your, another process is to select the placement of your tattoo. Decide where you want to get inked. People who are either working or finding a job in the corporate sector be sure your tattoo is not visible. In that case, choose placement on your shoulder, biceps, lower chest or thighs. Avoid areas like the neck, wrist, ankles, forearms.

5. Safety Precautions:

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To make sure your tattoo is applied safely keep a check on your artist if he is taking safety precautions. Firstly, if your artist is not wearing gloves ask him to wear on both hands. Secondly, make sure the razor applied to remove hairs is new and disposable. Also, check if he/she is using the proper types of equipment. Make sure the needle is fresh. Ask him to apply rubbing alcohol on the placement before applying the tattoo if he/she forgets to apply.

6. Be Patient:

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Transferring ink on the skin takes some time. Do not rush while your artist is working on your skin. It takes some steps which are to be performed very calmly and sensibly. Filling a tattoo takes time and may hurt you a little. Stay calm. Ask your artist to pause if you can’t tolerate the pain.

7. Take Along A Companion And Food :

If it’s your first design on skin and you are afraid of pain then you can take a companion with you. Ask your friend to join you. Your companion can motivate you to withstand the situation. Moreover, if you will talk more with your companion you can divert your mind from the pain.

Also, do not forget to take some food or drinks at the studio. Sometimes designing a mark on the skin can take more time than you expected. Take along some snacks and juice.

8. Avoid Alcohol:

Before getting inked you have to be in your senses and your mind working fine. Do not consume any alcoholic drinks 24 hrs before getting inked.

9. Ask Your Artist:

During the session, if your artist applies any cream don’t be afraid to ask for it. You must ask after all it is your right and you are paying for it. You should ask so that if you are allergic to any cream you can tell your artist.

After the end of the session, make sure your artist covers your tattoo properly and apply a lubricant and transparent cellophane sheet on your tattoo.

10. Tip Your Artist:

An artist works very hard to make a design on your skin. They give all their efforts on your tattoo so that you do not regret in future. So, you should tip your artist. It can be in the form of money or a gift. Always recommend your artist to others.


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