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O3+ Night Repair Cream For Face-Review:

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Night Repair Cream:

Your skin naturally repairs itself while you are sleeping. That time metabolism activity of skin cells are at the peak and at that time applying the cream with beneficial ingredients improves the skin natural repairing process during the night. The most important task is to choose the perfect night cream with the right active ingredients. Here we present you the review of O3+ Night Repair Cream:

O3+ Night Repair Cream:

O3+ introduced night cream to make skin firmer and fairer. The cream comprises of active ingredients of red berries rich in anti-oxidants known for its natural skin whitening properties best suited for dry skin revealing even, more glowing brighter skin.O3+ cream is tried and tested on dull and dry skin tone. With Time expert technology, it maximizes the skin natural repairing process. Next morning your skin will feel more energetic, younger, delicate and gentle.

The cream is developed by Italy dermatologists. It works effectively on the signs of ageing skin. The cream is developed of ingredients which are paraben-free. In other words, this cream leaves the skin naturally glowing and radiant. The cream works best on dry skin

How To Use O3+ Night Repair Cream:

how to use night cream on face

Before applying the night cream wash off your face with a face wash or a cleanser and completely dry your face with a soft towel. Now apply the cream and mildly massage on your face in the circular motion till the cream is fully absorbed.

Pros Of O3+ Night Cream:

  • Rich in anti-oxidants.
  • Works effectively on the signs of ageing skin.
  • Contains technology that maximizes the skin natural repairing process.
  • The fragrance is mild.
  • Gives skin a healthier look and glow. Also, the skin feels smooth.

Cons Of O3+ Night Cream:

  • Availability issue.
  • It just reduces the wrinkles but doesn’t give fairness.


The cream will cost ₹955 for 50 gm. Buy From Nykaa

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