Beardo Under Eye Gel

Beardo Under Eye Gel: Review

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning to under-eye dark circles. Not only they are hard to cover up, but they are also even thicker to get rid of. It’s not just sleeping late in the night can cause dark circles even unhealthy diet, stress and genetics can cause dark circles. To get rid of these frustrating dark bags bringing you the best dark circles remover gel “Beardo Under Eye Gel”.

Our expert had used Beardo Under Eye Gel for a month and now we are sharing our views. Read our review to know its price, pros and cons, our experience and many more.

Beardo Under Eye Gel:

Generally, some regular facewash or creams claim to hide dark circles but in reality, they do not work effectively. To hide these puffy bags you need a product that is specially developed for dark circles. Don’t worry we have found a special product for you. Beardo Under Eye Gel is a gem of a product. It is the best product to treat puffy eyes. Beardo claims their gel is made up of active ingredients which helps in reducing puffiness and thick eye bags. Not only this product reduces dark circles but also lightens the area under the eyes. Moreover, it smoothens and moisturizes the area under eyes to make you feel relax and fresh the whole day. Also, less dark circles mean you will look good in society and appeal to others.

It makes you feel awake the whole day. This eyes gel restores the skin tone under eyes with regular use. Furthermore, It helps in preventing early sign of aging. This gel hides away wrinkles and fine lines. The best part of this eye gel is it can be used by any age group.

Ingredients :

Main ingredients of this gel are Alove Vera Extracts, Carrot Seed Extract, Chamomile Extracts, Caffeine and Shea Butter.

Beardo under eye gel ingredients

Aloe Vera Extracts:

Aloe Vera gel is known as the best remedy for skin problems. In a similar way, aloe vera extracts in this product work superbly. It helps in nourishing the area under the eyes. Moreover, Also, Aloe Vera extracts help in restoring the skin tone.

beardo under eye gel ingredients

Chamomile Extracts:

This under eye gel consists of chamomile tea extracts which soothe the area under eyes. As a matter of fact, chamomile tea is used to improve sleeping and reduce stress making you feel relaxed

Beardo under eye gel ingredients., Beardo

Carrot Seed Extracts:

Carrot seed extracts in this under eye gel help in preventing signs of aging and fine lines. Likewise applying this product will help you look younger and appealing in society.

How To Use:

beardo under eye gel

  • First of all, thoroughly clean your face and pat dry
  • Then, take some Beardo Under Eye gel and apply under both the eyes.
  • After applying, massage in circular with gel a little.
  • Massage until it completely absorbs in the skin
  • Apply this gel daily in the night to get the best results.
  • Do not use this product in the daytime.

Our Experience With Beardo Under Eye Gel:

We really loved this product. The fragrance of this gel is amazing. We noticed a difference in just one week under the eyes. Not only dark circles fade away but also skin becomes clear and shiny. Moreover when you will wake up in the morning area under eyes and even the eyes will feel cool and relaxed. To get the best results use this product daily. Apply in the night, leave it overnight and wake up with a fresh start in the morning. Our female expert also tried this product and we were surprised after watching the results. Yes, this product your girlfriend/wife/mom can use and it will work effortlessly.

Price: ₹350 for 12g. Buy it on Amazon. Or you can purchase from Beardo too.


  • Active ingredients that not only reduces dark circles but also prevents fines lines and aging
  • Smells great.
  • Eyes feel cool and relaxed.
  • Additionally, improves sleep and reduces eyes stress.
  • Best for those who work daily in front of laptops and mobiles.
  • Moreover, it is a gem of product those who are not able to sleep at night.
  • Travel-Friendly too.


  • The Only con with this product is that it is pricier for what it is offering.


We rated this product 4.5/5. You must try this product if you lack sleep, works in front of the screen and if you are old.

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