Beard Care And Grooming Tips:

Beard is proof of your being a man. Growing beard is a sign that child turning in adulthood stage. But once you have grown the beard then beard care and its proper grooming are important too. Your beard must look managed and healthy. We will provide you with some to take care of your beard and its grooming like washing, combing trimming and some products that provide nutrition to your facial hair.

Here are some Beard Care And Grooming Tips:

1. You Must Keep It Clean:

First and foremost point of beard care and grooming is keeping the beard clean. Dirty beard not only makes your beard look uneven but also cause skin problems like acne, brittle hair, dry skin under the beard and also it can cause itching. Most of the guys don’t wash their beard thinking the dirt will remove with facewash but no guys you are wrong here. Moreover not washing the beard creates a good chance for people to make jokes on you like “Arey kis baat ka sadma laga betha hai Bhai”.

Firstly there is no crucial rule to buy a beard wash. It is just an overpriced shampoo and face soap. Comparatively, you must buy a natural shampoo which is sulfate-free and contains natural ingredients. First of all, Apply shampoo on beard then wash it off with lukewarm water. After washing your face clean it with a clean towel and try to dry your hair as much as you can. Wash your beard 2 times a day.

If you don’t want to spend money on both shampoo and facewash. Then try Nivea Men Face And Beard Wash. Suitable for all skin types.

2. Condition Your Beard:

Conditioning your beard is equally important like cleaning the beard. To have a soft and shiny beard conditioning the beard is very important. In order to maintain a soft and shiny beard, you must apply good quality beard oil.

Beard Oil contains some natural ingredients which are essential for beard’s health. Massaging with oil beard oil help you prevent itchiness, flaking and maintains the follicle health. But keep one thing in mind before buying beard oil, ignore the product which contains olive oil as it will leave a greasy effect that may cause acne problems. Buy beard oil which consists of Almond, avocado and jojoba oils.

Be sure you are purchasing beard oil which includes natural and essential oils, not just artificial fragrances and chemicals. Apply beard oil once in a day during dry days and 2 times a week during humid days. Try Ustraa beard oil

3. Trim Your Beard On Time:

The most important tip for grooming and beard care is trimming your beard on time. Some Men are unable to decide when to trim the beard. You can’t trim your beard every day but get it trimmed once or twice a week to ignore the loose ends of the beard. Trimming is necessary for beard care as it makes your beard healthy. Also, trim your moustache.

Trim your beard with scissors and razor to keep it in shape. Avoid using trimmers as they create split ends. Scissors are best for trim as they cut the beard in fine shape.

4. Trimming The Neckline & Cheeks:

Trimming the Neckline makes your beard look in shape and your face sharper also, emphasize the jawline. Some guys get their beard trim till the jawline which is the wrongest way. Moreover, this type of beard boasts your double chin. The correct way to trim the beard till your Adam’s apple contouring both the sides of the jaw. Use the razor for best results but make sure you don’t get any razor burns. If your skin is soft and prone to razor burns you can use a beard trimmer to avoid such burns. Men make many mistakes in this area so you better get it done nicely.

If you don’t want to trim hair with trimmer then trick to avoid razor burn is get a warm towel put it on your neck before shaving. Then mix some warm water with shaving cream or moisturizer. Apply this on the neck and lubricate.

Trimming the cheeks is another area where men make a grooming mistake. Some men have beard above cheekbones which looks pathetic. Also, they sometimes don’t get it trimmed in the fear of growing patchy hairs. But these stray and wild hairs lowers your personality. Get it trimmed and in proper shape every time you trim your beard. Besides this, Men not under this situation avoid shaving this area.

Eat Healthy Food For Beard Care:

Beard hair is part of the body. They are same as our hair. But bad food habits makes the beard look unhealthy which lowers your personality. Eat some healthy food rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, iodine, and phosphorus. Avoid alcohol as much as you can.

Also not part of food but important to mention: exercise and healthy sleep are equally important.

Must-Have Thing In Men’s Grooming Kit For Beard Care:

These thing men must add in his grooming kit:

  • The first and foremost thing scissors, razor and shaving cream/ shaving gel
  • Also, buy a good quality shaving brush.
  • Beard Oil.
  • Beard Comb & beard shaping tool.
  • A Natural Shampoo for the beard.
  • After Shave Lotion to avoid razor burns.

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